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Life’s greatest milestones should be matched with an accessible and user-friendly Register of Deeds office, oriented towards caring and efficient customer service. I’m Tammy Brunner and I am running for Wake County Register of Deeds because everyone deserves someone in their corner when facing some of life’s major moments--from births, marriage, death and everything in between. I care about the details and getting things done well. I am ready and eager to be of service to the people of Wake County.


We are in the middle of a moment that will forever determine the side of history where we each want to stand. My family and I stand alongside the millions of people and in particular young Black people, who have taken to the streets around the world and right here in Wake county to have their voices heard. I believe that change can only come when first we admit that this country has been built on systems of oppression that to this day cause harm to Black communities. Admitting it is just the first step. I am also committed to the active work of my own unlearning and learning and being anti-racist in my home and as a leader in our community.
This is our opportunity to make a difference to affect real change and begin to dismantle the systems of inequality that do not serve us.

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