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I am running to bring honesty and integrity back to the office of Register of Deeds. Both the citizens of Wake County and the Employees of the office need to have trust in their Register of Deeds and I am committed to earning that trust.


The office of Register of Deeds touches people’s lives at the most significant times of their lives. Given that, the office should create at a warm office culture centered around customer service. When you walk in to or call the Register of Deeds office you should feel like YOU are the most important person at that moment. When you are applying for your child’s birth certificate, applying for your marriage license or buying your home the process should be easy and pleasant. These are important milestones in your life and should be treated as such.


Unfortunately that currently is not always the case. As I have been talking to members of our community far too often they share stories of bureaucratic red tape and frustration. I’ve heard too many stories of unanswered phone calls, automated answering services that make it impossible to talk to an actual employee and the inability to get timely answers to important questions. This must change. I want everyone that walks through the door of the Register of Deeds office to have a positive experience.


Ultimately, I’m running for Register of Deeds to increase the accessibility of the office, modernize the office by bringing it into the 21st century and foster a culture of community and customer service within the office. Upon election, these will be my immediate goals for the office:

My Vision



  • Extended office hours to assist new homeowners with greater access and flexibility.

  • Opening a satellite office to generate greater accessibility to those outside of inter-city Raleigh.

  • Maintain historical records for those who’d like to know more about their lineage so they can easily find that information online.


Modernizing Day to Day Operations

  • Accessing state funding to assist with digitizing records so that members of the community can easily generate their families historical records.

  • Creating online applications so that when major events happen in person’s life they can easily access a birth certificate or death certificate.

  • Bringing modern day technology to the office of Register of Deeds.


Community and Customer Service

  • We need to remember that this position serves the community during some of the most important days of their lives, buying a house, having a baby, or finding out about their families history, this office needs to regain a sense of community and remember that we are here to serve those in Wake county.

  • Make it easier for citizen’s to have their questions answered by one of the many qualified employees of the department rather than having to continuously navigate an automated answering service.

This is my vision for the Register of Deeds office. I am looking forward to talking to you on the campaign trail and hearing your thoughts and ideas for other ways to improve the office.

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